Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

This book emerged as a result of a series of experiences I had in the early 1980s. I'd always had an interest in non-human intelligences stimulated first by some powerful entheogenic encounters in the 1960s and then by a near-death experience in 1973 in which I saw angels and came to realize, with a complete inner certainty, that other levels of reality exist. When the dolphins telepathically tapped me on the shoulder in 1981 I was free of the spiritual community I'd been in for the best part of 15 years and ready for a new interspecies adventure. What I had no idea of at the time is the extraordinarily large field of human and non-human intelligences this would involve.

By the time I had pulled all the experiences together into a book in 1984, I realized I'd been shown that our planet is being shepherded lovingly through a global transformation in consciousness by a variety of beings from other dimensions and other levels of reality and that this reality in which we live can best be regarded as a kindergarten in the vast university of eternal life.

Finally understanding this through visceral experience I resolved to keep notes on the developments I saw happening all around me. Holding this vision seems to have had the effect of opening a floodgate of sentience, as the adventures have continued unabated for the last 20 years.

I originally planned to publish a book every decade as a sort of summary of what I had observed and learned up to that date. DETA is the first book of this series.

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Bashir, Nylah Vajrra."Dolphins, Telepathy, and Underwater Birthing" Whole Life Times (October 1993): 46.

Dolphins, Telepathy, and Underwater Birthing
Republished in 2001 as

Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

This is the kind of book that a hungry mind craves -- filled with astonishing revelations sure to caress the soul and melt the heart.

The protagonists of this fantastic voyage are the mighty cetaceans we are learning to cherish: the incredible dolphins. Their involvement in the living legend of our New Age is, as author Timothy Wyllie describes it, truly miraculous. A tale of decades-long research, meditation, play and therapy with dolphins, this book is a clarion call for our human family to stay true to our fondest dream of our continuing evolution. As Wyllie teaches it, the dolphins are here with us to, among many reasons, augment our growth and enlightenment.

One of their loving acts as a species, says Wyllie, is their participation in more and more human children’s births. “Signs of the coming race, an early message from the dolphins: they wish to help produce...a conscious race of beings.” Known since time immemorial in the East, water-birthing was lost to the Westerners until the pioneering work of Russian midwife Igor Tjarkovsky in 1962.

According to Wyllie, dolphin reality is vastly different from our own, yet they beckon us compassionately with healing and wisdom. This book is a sparkling treasure, with formidable information and spiritual nourishment for a challenged world.


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Dolphins Telepathy and Underwater Birthing by Timothy Wyllie
Published by Bear & Co in 1993
Book Review by Bobby Matherne ©2002

Enter a new world in which dolphins sculpture human faces acoustically in brain coral, store images in sand dollars(like living CD's), read human minds, and play therapist with unsuspecting humans. The author was treated by a dolphin Fritz Perls, who used his long, rigid triangular penis to cure him of irrational homosexual fears.

Wyllie describes a world in which dolphins put their heads willingly into the nooses of their captors, and deliberately commit suicide by beaching themselves on the beach, loving the whole process. He introduces us to Russia's famous doctor Igor Charkovsky who has personally assisted at over 2,000 underwater births. Dr. C. also treats newborns roughly and lambastes parents who kill their children by treating them with kid gloves.

Every chapter is a new adventure, whether it's taking Vitamin K with John Lilly to enjoy an afternoon chat with God, studying angels, skimming the Urantia Book, or dancing with the Maoris in New Zealand. Wyllie shares with the reader some of his interactions with two famous New Agers, Ken Carey of Starseed Transmissions and Barbara Ferguson of The Aquarian Conspiracy.

He inspired me in his discussion on astrological great years to consider the Lamb of God was the Ram from the previous Age of Aries living a symbolic life during the Age of Pisces. Projecting forward we might expect the appearance of Pisces Man during the coming Age of Aquarius. Might that be a man who talks to dolphins?

Wyllie's friend Peter sums it up best when he reminds us that if everything is perfect already, then you don't need hands and feet to manipulate your environment and flippers will work just as ell.

But mostly in this book, Wyllie treats us to people who experience dolphins telepathically - they feel directly an "overlighting" - a holographic 3-D image filling their entire body that gives them a sense of joy. A sense that is generated by this entire book. A must for dolphin lovers and Pisces People everywhere.